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About Us


What is it like when two best friends decide to go into business together over a shared passion? Eratage Interiors might be a good case study for that exact situation.

We at Eratage Interiors, Sarah and Lindsey, are friends first and business partners second. If we aren't working tirelessly on a client's project, we can be found exploring the local restaurants and cocktail bars of Columbus, calling one another for advice about our own homes' interior decor, gushing over the fact that our dogs are soulmates, or sharing vulnerably with one another about the highs and lows of this life.

While the two of us have a lot in common when it comes to our love for interior design, we also have a number of differences that make for a complimentary partnership. Lindsey's preference for dark and moody aesthetics contrasts with Sarah's fondness of bright and colorful styles, sparking deeply creative discussions within Eratage's projects. While Lindsey can be found creating stunning DIY home decor, Sarah can be spotted thrifting and antiquing for exquisitely unique finds. Lindsey aims for coziness and warmth in her own home while Sarah seeks to stimulate and intrigue. We consider our divergences to be a strength that fuel innovative and eclectic design concepts that are harmonious and compatible.

Eratage Interior's Designers


Lindsey Gladura
Interior Designer

Lindsey has earned her diploma of interior design through the Interior Design Institute and has worked in the home remodeling industry for over 2 years as an interior stylist.


She developed a deeper passion and love for interior design when she and her husband bought their first home. Buying their home allowed Lindsey to create a place where friends and family could come over and feel relaxed and at ease.


She has had a passion for art and design ever since she can remember. At an early age,
Lindsey learned to sing and developed a love for music, performing, painting, and interior
design. Mostly, she enjoys when she can share these arts with the people she loves like
performing music alongside her dad, painting with friends, or help bring life to a family or friends interior space.


Lindsey deeply values relationships and the closeness that art and design can bring between people. She believes that a comfortable living space has the power to bring people together, create emotion, and can allow you to tune out the stresses of everyday life when you can come home to your sanctuary. 


Lindsey looks forward to developing a relationship with every Eratage
client by creating a space that best reflects who they are and their passions in life.


Sarah Patch
Interior Designer

Sarah has earned her diploma of interior design through the Interior Design Institute and has spent countless hours designing her own fixer upper.

Throughout her life, Sarah has pursued creative outlets and hobbies such as drawing, candle making, photography and interior design. She successfully started and ran a candle company and private practice which helped her to realize her other passion for entrepreneurship. Her combined love of entrepreneurship and creativity led to the inception of Eratage Interiors. Her vision was to create a company that would help people live out their values and passions within the walls of their own homes. 

She and her husband have made every effort to reflect their own values and interests in their home by creating a candle making station, home gym, basement bar, and individual home offices that also function as yoga areas and dressing rooms (all within an 1,100 square foot home). 

As a licensed clinical counselor, Sarah deeply values the Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skill of distress tolerance - particularly the ability to learn to tolerate difficult emotions and experiences by soothing the 5 senses. Sarah passionately believes that a personalized living space can be a great source of comfort and coping. She works hard to engage each of the 5 senses in her designs to ensure a holistic experience for each Eratage client. 

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