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Tattoo Shop Inspired Half Bath

The first thing you see when stepping foot into this dark and moody bathroom is a beautiful 3 dimensional gallery wall. Our client is a huge fan of the american traditional style of tattoo work so we purchased pieces from artists like Samuele Brigante to play homage to that design. Ornate brass accents can be seen through the outlet covers, a subtle checkerboard pattern in the hand towels and a beautiful vintage glass container holds match sticks which can be used for obvious reasons. ;) Fragrance is an important element of any bathroom design so we made sure to include a candle, reed diffuser, room spray and fresh eucalyptus for a fully enjoyable experience of the space. We fell in love with the contrast of the angel figurine sitting against the black skull candelabra. Both pieces were purchased separately without thinking of the other but definitely proved to belong together.




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